Carpet Cleaning Service and Beyond

At Dirt Free we are commited to providing the best cleaning services on earth.

It's about you, our customer, from the safety of the cleaning process to the character of our employees. Dirt Free had spared no expense to ensure the highest level of service far above and beyond any other service in the cleaning industry.

Carpet Cleaning

Dirt Free has spent millions on research and development to create our own cleaning process. Our super water will give you amazing results!

Tile Cleaning

You can trust Dirt Free to offer the deepest tile cleaning in the industry. We use our direct drive "TRUCK POWERED" equipment combined with our organic, all natural products to steam clean and steam rinse your tile, grout and natural stone.

Fine Persian & Oriental Rugs

Dirt Free has been cleaning and maintaining fine Persian and Oriental area rugs for more than 20 years.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dirt Free adheres to all strict recommended cleaning methods suggested by the manufacturer. Our certified technicians are familiar with cleaning all types of upholstery and various materials. Our certified upholstery technicians are familiar with all types of common material.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt Free knows that regular cleaning of your home's air distribution system is an important step towards ridding your home of harmful contaminant and improving your indoor air quality.

Stone Refinishing

The three main types of stone floors used today are travertine, marble, and terrazzo. Dirt Free Carpet & Tile revitalizes your natural stone floors and we take the upmost time and care to protect your investment.

Carpet Repair

Our carefully trained technicians can repair rips and tears in your carpet. We can remove wrinkles and ripples from your carpet. We provide free estimates on all carpet repairs.

Drapery Cleaning

You can rely on Dirt Free to clean your drapery while still hung on the window or wall. This saves the hassle, time, and major expense of sending them out to be cleaned.