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Corpus Christi's
#1 Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning

Dirt Free is concerned with the same things that concern you, such as the safety of the cleaning solutions used inside of your home. Most carpet cleaning companies use harsh chemicals and soaps that are not even safe to get on your skin! Dirt Free has spent countless hours and money on research and development to create our own specialized cleaning process. Our organic, all natural pre-spray along with our powerful machinery will give you amazing results!

Tile Cleaning

Your search for the best tile cleaning company in Corpus Christi, look no further. Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning has pioneered the latest and most advanced tile and grout cleaning processes. We utilize our "TRUCK POWERED" equipment combined with the safest all natural solutions to steam clean and steam rinse your tile and grout. In recent years, many imitators have attempted to compete, but no one cleans your hard surfaces like Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning.

Fine Persian & Oriental Rugs

Dirt Free has perfected the cleaning, maintaining and sealing of fine Persian and Oriental area rugs. We can come into your home and treat any rugs you have and rejuvenate them back to their original beauty. Whether silk, wool, or synthetic, your rug will receive specialized cleaning and particular attention to detail.

Upholstery Cleaning

Dirt Free is highly skilled and trained to clean your furniture and abide by the method recommended by the manufacturer. Our certified upholstery technicians are familiar with all types of upholstery materials as well as leather and exotic blends. Our technicians will always clean a small area of your upholstery first to ensure that you will be amazed with the results.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt Free understands that regular cleaning and maintenance of your home's air distribution system is an important step towards getting rid of harmful contaminants and improving your indoor air quality. Your air duct system, blower and air return act like the respiratory system of your home. This system is continually re-circulating the air that is inside your house.

Stone and Marble Refinishing

The three main types of limestone used in homes today are travertine, marble, and terrazzo. While they are definetly beautiful, they require specific cleaning methods. These floors are porous and absorbent. If not properly maintained and sealed, these surfaces will stain and become dingy and dull over time. We safely clean, seal and revitalize your natural stone surfaces to a "like new" appearance.

Best Corpus Christi Carpet Cleaning Services

Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning has solved the two major obstacles within the floor cleaning industry: over wetting and chemical residue. We use our patented "TRUCK POWERED" equipment on all types of hard and soft surfaces inside your home. Our machinery is powered by the truck's diesel engine. We do not use your electricity to power a small machine that you could rent nor do we use a “Slide In Unit” that is typically no more powerful than a lawn mower engine. This allows us to provide excellent organic, non-chemical steam cleaning with a fraction of the dry time of other carpet cleaning processes. This powerful equipment in addition to our proprietary processes and products will give you amazing results. Our method also helps to counteract the shortcomings of other carpet cleaners. It allows us to remove detergents and soaps left in your carpet by other carpet cleaners. Soap left in your carpet either by another carpet cleaner, or by using an over the counter Spot Remover, attracts dirt back to your carpet. So through no fault of your own, your carpets can get dirty again just because of the lack luster performance of other carpet cleaning processes. Our philosophy at Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning is that our process of cleaning is determined by the results we demand to produce for our customers, not by the budget we have to purchase the machinery. Sure, a little white van with a small machine in it is A LOT cheaper to purchase and call yourself a Carpet Cleaner than purchasing the latest, most powerful technology they provide in the marketplace. We chose to make the large initial investment in the most sophisticated and powerful equipment available so that we can provide the best results available to our customers.